“Having experienced a painful startup of a major Web site with attendant
delays and cost overruns, I was guarded when I contracted with Frank
Machnick’s Graphinex to design and put up my own Web site geezergourmet.com,
which has now been on-line trouble-free for a year. From the start,
Graphinex has been inventive, responsive and indeed anticipatory of the
design requirements, execution demands and marketing efforts of the
GeezerGourmet-consistently on time and on budget.”

Charles W. (Chic) Cullen

Charles Cullen – PC REPAIR/WEBSITE

David Howard, of HowardAndAssociates.com writes:

“I have known Frank Machnick [Founder of GRAPHiNEX] for five or so years. He has always been thorough, knowledgeable and very helpful. His assistance has ranged from creating my firm’s website to software installation and trouble shooting. His patience is especially appreciated as my knowledge and understanding are at a very low level. Frank’s services are timely and more than fairly priced. I highly recommend Graphinex. ”


David Howard – WEBSITE

To: Future Clients and Customers of GRAPHiNEX:

“GRAPHiNEX has impressed me consistently in all categories of service: technical know-how; reliability and promptness in responding as well as in servicing occasional problems that have arisen with either my computer, printer, e-mail, and other equipment; and rendering sound and practical advice on the type, brand, vendors, and cost comparisons of various equipment. As valuable as these attributes are to any service business, perhaps most impressive is that GRAPHiNEX and its capable staff always are looking out for ways for the client not only to be completely satisfied with the quality of its work but also to save money in the process.

Put me down as a completely satisfied customer, who always will come back to GRAPHiNEX for more when I need their services, as will the several other new clients whom I have directed GRAPHiNEX’s way, all of whom have made a point of telling me that they too have been equally pleased and will respond likewise by becoming repeat customers of this fine, customer-friendly and very service-oriented computer consulting firm.”

Jim Bayless
McLean, Virginia

Bluemont Partners, LLC

Jim Bayless- PC REPAIR

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