Digital Forensics

We are becoming known in the local area for our expertise in analysis of computer systems and the data contained therein.

Call us with your specific situation and we’ll design an affordable plan to meet your legal or professional data forensic needs.

Previous Projects have included:

  • Location of missing documents on all sorts of media
  • Location of missing and or damaged photographs on CDs, flash media
  • Confirmation of existence of data on hard drives; Testifying as to the presence of particular files on certain media
  • Exportation of text messages from cellphones and complete duplication of emails
  • Collection and secure transportation of sensitive data, intact chain of custody
  • Forensics of email transmission from individual to individual, country to country, proof of location origination
  • Encryption Software and Encrypted Data Manipulation
  • Reverse engineering of hacker attacks on websites, servers, PBXes
  • Isolation and Removal of viruses and malware that aren’t detected by scanners
  • 3rd party confirmation and certification of information transfer between parties
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