Data Recovery

Recover: Hard Drives – Flash Drives – Floppy Disks – CDs – DVDs

9 out of 10 times we can read data from damaged USB Flash and thumb-drives, hard-drives, CD-ROMs and DVDs. We have many happy clients who thought their contacts, music and or pictures were forever lost on damaged macintosh, PC and linux internal, external, hard drives, DVDs and thumb drives. In spite of our success rate, always remember that data recovery services are NOT GUARANTEED. Should we not be successful, your only cost is shipping and handling to have your item returned.

Available for ALL Internal and External Hard Drives (All Makes, All Models)

Hard drive diagnostics:

Surface tests
SMART tests


File system/partition recovery:

DOS/WINDOWS/Mac/Linux Advanced File Recovery (Damaged drives or file systems)
DOS/WINDOWS Deleted File Recovery
DOS/WINDOWS Formatted Drive Recovery

Word, Access, Excel, Outlook, Outlook Express, Powerpoint, Zip file Repair/Recovery

All recovery or backup files are provided on CD or DVD unless otherwise requested.

We offer stage 1: Data backup from unaffected drives. $75 typical fee. (per set of disks)

We offer stage 2: SOFTWARE DATA RECOVERY. In this stage various software programs and techniques for analysis, cooling and exercising the moving parts will be used.

We offer stage 3: ON USB THUMBDRIVES ONLY. We do not physically repair hard drives as we do not offer clean room services.

Typical Fee structure (non-emergency):

$100 – Non-refundable disk or drive analysis fee
(This includes up to 10 hours of technician analysis and the use of specialized computer hardware and software to analyze and exercise damaged drives. We use several different recovery methods to pull data from damaged hardware.)

$200 – Minimum recovery fee

$800 – Maximum recovery fee

Recovery fees are only due upon successful recovery of data. Please Pick:

Begin Hardrive trouble ticket – Typical turn around for hard-drives is 7-10 business days.

Begin CD/DVD trouble ticket – Typical turn around for CD or DVD disks is 2 weeks.


BEGIN USB-drive (thumb or flash drive) ticket – Typical turn around for USB devices is 7-10 business days.

Begin RUSH DATA RECOVERY trouble ticket Rush service is available (typical 2 days upon receipt of any type of media)

Emergency data recovery rates:

For Emergency Data Recovery Rates, take normal rate and multiply by 3.

Emergency service ensures you are moved to the front of the queue and your job is given top priority status. If requested, technicians can even perform work on your system 24 hours a day.

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